Schools open on the 11th of September in Greece. It is a long standing tradition. Nothing to do with terrorism, twin towers and so on. Still, this year looks like a catastrophe. The main problem that arises at the moment is the lack of school books: the Ministy of Education blames the relevant government department, the department insists that the Ministry was informed and school children are provided with photocopies of their books (which parents are asked to sponsor..)and directed to the internet where they can find all the books in electronic form!!!!

The lack of teachers will rise as soon as teaching schedules are worked out. The lack of money for the simple everyday operation of a school will rise soon too. Like everything else the education system is coming apart and the Greek government is watching at a distance leaving parents, students and teachers to manage as best they can.

In order to get an idea of the new teaching schedule for the first year of  secondary education (what is called Gymnasio in Greece and lasts for three years) let me mention that Religious Instruction is given the same time as Information Technology, History, Geography, Physical Instruction etc. While the Ministry of Education insists that it is trying to implement EU directions it is difficult to see this when reading the practical information.