At three thirty in the morning fans of three football teams, Panathinaikos (Athens club) and OFI and Herodotos (Cretan clubs) made an appointment (!) at the sea side avenue of Heraklion to presumably settle their accounts outside the soccer field. The result was one 21 year old dying on his way to the hospital and another two bearing knife wounds.
According to the local police about thirty people were involved with the Panathinaikos and Herodotos fans banding against the OFI ones. Hooded and wearing helmets they clashed in one of the most frequented streets in Heraklion, Crete.Similar “fights” have erupted four times this year between Panathinaikos and OFI fans while the two Cretan times have clashed twice before.
The Heraklion Mayor verified the reports and added that this killing was the act of a hardened criminal not connected solely to the football clubs.
One more sign of the increased violence that characterizes the once ridiculously peaceful Greek society.