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Reubens’ stolen painting found in Athens

A Reubens painting, stolen from Ghent in Belgium in 2001 was recovered in Athens last night.
The Greek police in collaboration with employees from the Culture Ministry interrupted the sale of the painting and arrested the culprits.

Greek financial crisis takes new dimensions

Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos had long negotiations with Troika officials last night. Their third meeting is currently under way. The Troika representatives are “pushing” for a faster implementation of measures like a “one for all” payroll for the civil service, the privatisation of public utilities companies, the fight against tax evasion and so on.

In the meantime,the serial that started last night with the report on the debt written by the Parliament Budget office – an office set up by the present government- ended with the resignation of its Chairlady Ms. Balfousia.

The Parliament Budget office circulated a report which claimed that despite all the austerity measures the national debt has not been checked and is in fact beyond control. Financial Minister Evangelos Venizelos openly questioned whether the Office had the necessary “experience” to issue such a report. Ms. Balfoussia resigned from her post after a long meeting with the Parliament Chairman Mr. Petsalnikos.