According to Greek daily Kathimerini the fires raging in the North East of Greece, in the Thrace area and very close to the Greek Turkish borders, have destroyed more than 15 thousand acres of wooded and agricultural land. About 10% of the nature reserve of the Dadia forest have been burnt while there is no danger for villages at the moment.

The south east part of the

Dadia Forest - summer 2007

Dadia Forest -summer 2007

prefecture of Arcadia, in central Peloponese, is also on fire. The particular area is far from the sea and had so far been secure from land mongers. Its forests and scenery were almost magical and unique in the south of Greece. Unfortunately, as I have seen with my own eyes, there is no environmental policy or awareness in Greece. In the most beautiful gorges you see dumping sites. The weeds that grow in the winter are not cleaned up so when they dry in the summer they are the best food for forest fires. The communities in the surrounding areas are not equipped with any fire fighting mechanisms (fire engines, hydrants, volunteer fire fighters, etc).

The Greek governments, present and previous ones, have never bothered to educate the people on fire fighting techniques and prevention. The authorities should know by now that August is the most dangerous time of the year and help minimize the climate risks. Instead they legalize buildings that have been built in non-residential areas with understandable results!!