A fire that broke out in Thrace has been rekindled this morning. The strong winds that blow in the area are pushing the fire towards the Dadia forest, a world famous forest reserve, home to many wild birds of prey.

A fire broke out yesterday in a southern Athens suburb – Ano Glyfada. It is a densely populated area and there was grave danger for the inhabitants.

This is the season of strong winds, they reach 8 and 9 Beauforts, which make the operations of the fire department extremely difficult and dangerous.

It must be noted that empty lots all over Athens but in the country side too are left to weeds and used for dumping which is an obvious fire nurturing practice. Some municipalities in Athens take care to remind the owners of unbuilt land to remove debris and dry weeds well before the summer season and thus help avoid fires. Unfortunately, the uninformed Greek public has a very low environmental awareness and continuously create new dangers.