The riots in Athens in 2008 and the recent ones in London can be interpreted in various ways. Mr. Cameron has chosen the view that all the rioters are criminal elements who thrive on violence. I believe the exact opposite: present and past European governments comprise criminal elements who thrive on violence.

Let us look at the evidence to decide who is right.
How many financial scandals have been unearthed all over Europe involving government officials and politicians? I can name two in Greece in the last two months, one of whom openly admitted that he did receive bribes!
In the UK things are no better from what I hear.Check this link

While Mr. Stross Kahn is facing charges of sexual harrassment his successor in the International Monetary Fund is involved in a financial scandal. Mr. Berlusconi has been repeatedly the center of financial and sexual scandals without any repercussions. These are but a few examples randomly selected to give you a hint to think of more.

The simple people in the streets of Athens, London and I suspect many more world capitals are desperate because they cannot trust politicians any more and they have no one to turn to. Politics and politicians have no credibility with the grassroots.

There is no way of saying this without becoming cliche or boring but unless the elected governments decide to put aside the greed for money and power of their members the riots will go on and will increase and will spread. Communities are trying to do their best to avoid such a development but it is crucial that political powers join them and lead them out of this mess.

Politicians should reclaim the honour of politics and turn it into a good word again.