All day today the Athens taxi drivers association held a general assembly to decide on their next move. It was finally announced that they will continue their strike at least until Saturday.

There is a split in their ranks though because the taxi drivers in Rhodes and Kos have decided to halt their strike for the moment and the same applies to Crete.
At the same time the taxi issue seems to be dividing the PASOK majority in parliament. Well known and popular PASOK Parliamentarians (like former Minister Vasso Papandreou and the left wing Mimis Androulakis) are more and more critical of the way Infrastructure Minister Ragoussis is handling the whole affair. The taxi drivers are accused of discouraging tourism but their reply is “why then bring the issue to Parliament in the heart of summer when you know that tourism will be affected”.
The government has started to sue taxi drivers for “obstruction” of traffic and disturbance of the peace. There are threats of confiscation of taxi licences if the taxi drivers are found guilty.