Tonight was a special night out. Miracles never cease in big cities. I heard on the radio about the MUSEUM OF GREEK FOLK musical instruments and its daily June-July concerts.Most of my friends knew of it already so I felt once more like a diaspora Greek or a plain tourist.
An expected leafy yard in an old house in Plaka is the background to an evening of Fado music. A big moon, a palm tree that seems to be floating like an umbrella above us, the sweet smell of jasmin and the melancholy, soulful music of the Mediterranean. What else do you need to fill with beauty?
The concert is called Lisbon via Athens and we remember again that before both forming part of PIGS Portugal and Greece had the experience of a military dictatorship (the Portuguese lasted more than ours but their revolution much more impressive) and a democratisation period and what is more important we share the same sea and many legends.
Andre Maia has managed to incorporate greek folk instruments in his songs and the ensemble is a real pleasure.
Athenian evenings can still be magical and enchanting.