Temperatures are rising in Greece. The thermometer in my balcony shows 33 degrees in the shade!! The political thermometer is reaching unprecedented temperatures too. PASOK members of Parliament claim that they are attacked and humiliated whenever they go into public. The Government blames the left for these incidents but noone is convinced.

Mr. Athanassiadis, Member of Parliament for PASOK, claimed that he decided to vote for the 2nd Memorandum despite his doubts and criticism because he was threatened over the phone!!! His claims have not been investigated so far.

All this is going on during a period of high unemployment, precarious working conditions for the majority of the people and a continuously changing tax system. A retired civil servant confessed to me: “I do not even know what my pension amounts to anymore.They keep cutting a bit here for solidarity assistance to the unemployed and a few Euros there because some of the benefits that I paid for are now considered redundant!! I am too old to immigrate otherwise…”

Needless to say that the younger generation is leaving the country en masse. Some of the older ones who were studying abroad are now staying on and helping the new arrivals. Worse is expected as from September when the private sector will also be hit, when schools will open and parents will be forced to face more expenses together with more strikes since both University and High School teachers are up at arms against the education reform.

In the meantime, the Syntagma Square “enraged” are organising a coordination meeting with the Assemblies of other squares in Athens’neighbourhoods and other towns all over Greece. 8 and 9 July they will meet in Syntagma under the shadow of the Municipality’s request that they evacuate the Square.

At a time when normally people would be discussing their holidays now they get organised to visit their families in the village or their friends who have a seaside house since they cannot afford hotels anymore.

On the other hand, the open air cinemas have started working, providing a much needed relaxation; new take away cafes are operating on the beaches where you purchase your coffee and drink it walking by the seaside.

The silver lining in this cloudy atmosphere is that the majority of the citizens is becoming aware of the corruption of the ruling parties and the way they and their needs have been exploited.