Press release issued by the People’s Assembly of Syntagma Square convened in Monastiraki on Wednesday 29 June 2011.
We denounce the Government organised plan to evacuate Syntagma Square which has been applied the last two days.
Today the orgy of violence and repression culminated with inexcusable and unprovoked attacks against peaceful protesters drowning Syntagma Square in chemicals, injuring more than 500 protesters and carrying out a pogrom that went as far afield as Plaka and Monastiraki, with the special forces Dias, Delta and MAT chasing thousands of protesters even in fruit shops, cafes and restaurants.
The governmet is accountable for today’s barbaric attack in the center of Athens, a sample of the “steely democracy” of the mnemonium, the midterm measures and the troika. This government bears the sole responsibility for whatever happens from now on during the night and we call on its members to withdraw immediately the forces of repression and terrorism.
On the other hand we bear the sole responsibility for our lives!! We the thousands of people who are still in the streets, who still resist, who continue our struggle. We shall not allow anyone to destroy real democracy and freedom as we give them birth everyday, for 36 days in all the squares of the country.
Tomorrow 6 o’clock we shall all meet in Syntagma Square We continue
We shall not leave unless they leave.
They are 155 – we are millions.