Sunday 26 June was one more day of all European strikes against the financial crisis. In Syntagma Square, despite the oppressive heat, a couple of thousands were already true to the 7pm appointment.
Nevertheless there is a slight change in the air. Somehow, things are more organized: in the center of the Square a young Catalan singer is expressing her solidarity to the Greeks’struggle against the one-sided way the Government is dealing with the crisis.

On the marble stairs a group of youths is discussing participation to the general 48 hours strike of tomorrow and how to coordinate it with the Syntagma Protesters. The “enraged” of Athens will stay on the Square for two days too but for their own reasons: the new and harsher austerity measures are being discussed and voted in Parliament in the next 48 hours. Even if they do get voted at least the working people want to express their disagreement in the most positive and peacefully loud way possible.
There are also more social movements present and in the “gender area” a group of feminists have organized a participative happening dedicated to sexual harassment in the work place. Men ask to give their opinions and they are listened to attentively. A banner stating “we are all maids” looms in the background

The Unions have put up their banners and there are some people who claim that their banners were torn during the night.
I have to leave at about 9 o’clock and miss the bands that will play later.
The Syntagma Square protesters are alive and well and living in Athens. It is about time the mainstream media “discovered” their existence and gave them a voice…..