“A politician’s greatest asset is amnesia: he must forget what he promised the instant he has promised it”. I do not recall who was the “great mind” who said these words but I have to alter them: a politician’s greatest asset is to be convinced that the citizens he represents suffer from total amnesia!
This thought came to me as I sat watching the Parliament Channel (yes, there is a channel dedicated to parliament sessions) and listened to Mr. Sahinidis criticize parliamentarians for never having complained about the state deficit before the present crisis. According to the deputy Minister the Greek budget always had a deficit. He actually went as far back as 1974. “There are members of Parliament now who complain about the deficit and have served as Ministers. Where were they the previous years?”, he asked. And one can only wonder whether Mr. Sahinidis is aware that Mr.Papandreou, Prime Minister today, has repeatedly served as Minister in PASOK led governments. It is true that Mr. Papandreou never complained about the deficit – neither before the crisis nor today. I suggest Mr. Sahinidis worries about that instead.