After two days of heated discussion the Greek Parliament has granted the new government a vote of confidence.

Mr.Samaras New Democracy party left their seats in protest for Mr. Pangalos’referrence to the democratic system of PASOK which the opposition claims was established by their founder Kostantinos Karamanlis.

There were also accusations of hooliganism against the left wing coalition of SYRIZA by Mr. Sifounakis.

The opposition has unanimously voted against it but the 155 PASOK members of Parliament kept the party line inspite of some voices of dissent.

At the same time tens of thousands of Greek citizens who have been camping on Syntagma Square for more than 20 days were chanting “traitors” and “robbers” right outside the Parliament shut windows. They have vowed to stay on the square the whole night and, even though the greek television channels are ignoring them in a provocative way the blogs and some electronic channels have a camera there.