The composition of the “new” Greek government has been announced. Its composition mirrors the word “reshuffle”. Like a casino croupier Mr. Papandreou just shuffled his cards and dealt again. The rage and despair of the Greek working people as expressed in Syntagma Square have been ignored. This “new” government reminds me of a face lift that went wrong. The wrinkles have remained in their place.
All the previous Ministers remain in their posts with the exception of the Minister of the Environment, Ms Birbili. Some deputy ministers have changed and a couple of new faces have been added. One of the big surprises was the “kick upstairs” of the Government Speaker who has moved to the Ministry of Defence.
Find below the names of the “new” Greek government with a few notes from me:
• Deputy Presidents of the Government : Theodoros Pangalos (known for the citizens’anger against him) and Evangelos Venizelos (he was candidate for the leadership of PASOK against George Papandreou).
• Finance Minister :Evangelos Venizelos – this is an unexpected promotion
• Minister of Interior Affairs: Haris Kastanidis
• Minister of administration reform (new Ministry):Dimitris Repas – veteran PASOK politician
• Minister of Infrastructure : John Ragoussis
• Foreign Affairs Minister: Stavros Lambrinidis – member of the European Parliament
• Defence Minister: Panos Beglitis
• Minister of Health:Andreas Loverdos (he remains in his ministry)
• Labour and Social Security Minister:George Koutroumanis – new face!
• Citizens’protection Minister: Hristos Papoutsis – veteran PASOK politician
• Environment Minister:George Papakonstantinou (the former Finance Minister)
• Minister of development: Mihalis Chrysochoidis
• Minister of agricultural development: Kostas Skandalidis
• Minister of Justice: Miltiadis Papaioanou – veteran PASOK politician
• Minister of culture Pavlos Geroulanos (one of the few who stay on)
• Minister of Education: Anna Diamantopoulou (the ONLY woman to be part of the government – she had the same post in the previous government). Note that the deputy ministers here are both women!
• Parliament Speaker:Elias Mossialos