Twenty days after the first gathering of the “enraged” Greek working people in Syntagma Square their numbers increase steadily. Today, since 7 o’clock, there was a combined effort to cordon off the Parliament to prevent members of Parliament from attending today’s session.
The general strike did not allow a lot of people to participate but after 9 o’clock, when the metro resumed its schedules, their numbers swelled.
Arriving on the square the early ones called us to see the “Berlin wall”: police busses and special forces formed a barrier cutting off the protesters from the Parliament. About 11 o’clock the Communist Party unionists joined the Square demonstrators. All of a sudden there was a wave of people towards the parliament main entrance:some members of Parliament were trying to enter and the enraged were shouting insults and throwing empty water bottles at them.
At 12 o’clock another crisis broke up when the anarchists/black block/hooded agitators arrived at the Square and started throwing stones at the police force. The special forces responded with tear gas aimed at the demonstrators in general. The peaceful demonstrators were left alone to deal with the agitators. Scuffles continue between demonstrators and agitators, demonstrators and police force but not police force against agitators!!
The journalists stopped their strike and are now reporting live.