Mr. George Lianis, cousin to Andreas Papandreou’ s second wife and Member of Parliament for Florina (northern Greece), resigned today from the PASOK Parliamentary Group. Mr. Lianis stated that he does not agree with the government’s economic policies and cannot follow them.
Earlier yesterday Mr. Athanassiadis, PASOK member of Parliament for Kozani (northern Greece) stated that he will not vote the ratification of the 2nd Mnemonium.
These are the first signs that there might be a problem passing the 2nd Mnemonium through Parliament. On the other hand Mr. Papandreou can count on the support of Dora Bakoyianni, former Foreign Minister, who has assured the public that her newly founded party will support the government’s decision on this issue of national significance.
The discussion in the Parliament Economics Committee will start with the Syntagma Square demonstrators trying to cut off access to the Parliamentary Building.