15 June – General strike in Greece
Wednesday 15 June the General Confederation of Greek workers both in the private and public sector has called for a general strike. The General Confederation of shop keepers and small businesses will join closing their shops for three hours. There will be a rally at 11 o’clock outside the offices of the Confederation in central Athens.
In the meantime, the Syntagma Square daily demonstrations are going strong. On Sunday, right in the middle of a long weekend and after a sudden summer storm the attendance was impressive and passionate. The popular Assembly has called on all strikers to join them. There is also a decision that asks people to be in Syntagma early on Wednesday morning to cordon off the Parliament Building.
The government has not yet announced when the midterm plan and the measures that accompany it will come to parliament to be ratified in order to keep a low profile and avoid collision with its own MPs several of whom have criticized the measures very strongly and there were also personal attacks against Mr. Papakonstantinou. There are no rumours of “abstentions” from the government lines but the public pressure is growing.