The ““Honest industrialists federation” – a group of young unemployed – claims to be the true representation of the industrialists in Greece. They made their first manifestation late last year, dressed in striped suits they manifested outside metro stations claiming that: “The workers must pay for the debt. There are more of them”, “Raise the prices of all goods – not just bus fares”, “You think you pay too much for your ticket? Do you know how much I pay for my limousine?” “If you can’t afford the ticket you can always walk to work. Exercise is good for you”. A young cyclist is not off bounds: “These people with the bicycles must pay three tickets: one for every wheel and one for themselves”. The passersby stared in surprise, then realizing what was being said they laughed and clapped in appreciation.
“Don’t touch our money. Money to the rich !!” “Give us our money to take them to Switzerland”, “ The poor must get poorer” are the slogans that were heard later in Syntagma Square, defusing the explosive situation.
One of the most imaginative interventions in the Syntagma Square daily rallies.