Today, Sunday 5 June 2011, is to be a memorable day for Europe. Today the European working people are expected to call out loud what the Syntagma Square Popular Assembly proposed:
Our voice should be heard loud all over Europe because
We can’t sacrifice the people of an entire nation in order to safeguard the lenders – this is not our debt and we are not paying it
– This political system that makes poor people poorer and rich people richer can no longer decide for us without us and must be overthrown
– We want to earn our living with dignity free of the constant terror of unemployment
– All those who looted public property must be punished
– Public and free health and education services are inallienable rights for everyone
– The midterm programme must not be implemented

Even the maid resisted the IMF advances Mr. Papandreou!!

Let us hope that the Greek government will finally realise that the working people of Greece are giving Mr.Papandreou his last weapon to fight against the financial crisis. Popular pressure, massive and dynamic is the only way to resist total catastrophe.