“What time is it? Time for them to go!!” This is the most often repeated slogan of the Syntagma Square protesters who keep increasing in spite of the unusually rainy and chilly weather. This morning they were present at the morning show of one of the largest TV national stations. The programme invited six people from among the thousands to say why they were camping in Syntagma Square. Everyone had a different story but with a common denominator: we demand a solution because we, the working people, did not cause the problem.

In the evening news we saw how the protesters are getting better organized day by day. Tents are being put up, pots and pans are brought in and the numbers rise by the minute. People from all walks of life, with their children and grandchildren, leaning on walking canes, exchanging ideas and views with total strangers, totally disregarding the risk of violent incidents, indicative of their utter despair. There is also what they call “General Assembly” where they discuss ideas for a solution to the economic problem of the country, solutions that are submitted by the people present.

Is this a step forward? Can such a loose, disorganized crowd contribute to the solution? It is a difficult answer but it is definitely better than the complete inertia of the previous days. Will be reporting from there tomorrow.