Last night was a difficult night in central Athens.
After the particularly brutal murder of a father to be by three knife wielding men right on his doorstep, spirits ran high. The Golden Dawn (neo-fascist political party) boys did not lose the opportunity to launch a large scale, indiscriminate scare attack against immigrants.
This came after sporadic attacks against businesses owned by immigrants and worship places used by non-christian religious groups.
The Greek government reacted in a weird fashion announcing that criminal statistics have gone down in Athens while petty crime is rising all over Greece. The Mayor of Athens – whose candidacy was supported by the government party PASOK – hinted that the government is not helping them enough.
Today there is a strike called by the General Confederation of workers of both the private and public sector. The result is that journalists are on strike too and the only news we can gather are from strikers who are attending the rally and demonstration in the center of Athens. Let us hope that this wave of violence will not spread any more.
Will keep you informed