I keep hearing about the Greeks, in general, and how they “lived it up” for the last decade and now they owe everyone a lot of money. I wonder how true this is … For example the Irish and the Portuguese seem to be in financial straits. Did we all attend the same party? Did they also spend unthinkingly? And if it is true where the money did go? What did we all buy? Did we by any chance buy all sorts of products produced by the French or the Germans, did we buy Finnish mobile telephones or Swedish cars? Did we buy high fashion Italian and French clothes and accessories? I know we did and thus provided the relevant countries with income and their citizens with jobs. At the same time international retailers have opened shops in Greece and thanks to the internet we can now compare prices. You can do so and see for yourselves how much m o r e we pay for all the European goodies!!

It seems that all three little P.I.G.s have been eating out of the same trough. But are we really pigs or hens that have been laying nice eggs and now that they cannot lay anymore eggs must be slaughtered?
Remember Mr. Orwell’s animal farm: the pigs were the ones who managed to take over the farm and live off everyone else, without contributing to the common goal. The big pigs have their representatives everywhere in Europe and so do the little hens. It is time we, the common working people realize that it is to our mutual interest to unite, to struggle and retrieve our rights. We are no angels, we need to organize, we need to be more disciplined and productive but consider this too: all the time that we were quiet, disciplined and productive we were also poor and miserable! Now that we dared ask for more we are pigs!!!
I suggest that it is time for those who took our money to pay. The dinosaurs of the big banks and the capitalists all over Europe need to pay. Leave the hens alone.