The first ever Minister of Environment in Greece, Ms T.Birbili, Prime Minister’s Papandreou personal choice, is also the first Minister to refuse a proposal by the Ministry of Economics. Ms. T. Birbili stated at a recent interview that she will not condone any legislation that will hurt the environment in order to collect taxes. This comes shortly after the doubts expressed by her and another three ministers regarding the privatization of the energy public utility company. In addition, Ms Birbili said this morning that she would meet with the representatives of Keratea to discuss the issue of the landfill and agreed with the inhabitants that there should be more dialogue with them in order to reach a compromise beneficial to all.
The Greek government spokesperson rushed to deny any rumours of a government reshuffle or premature elections. Needless to say that this fed the rumours instead of quieting them down.
One more complication for Prime Minister Papandreou.