Athens is not my favourite city. I don’t like cities in general. May on the other hand is a totally different situation. You can feel it in the air that becomes crispy clean, you can hear it in the birds, you can see it in the budding flower pots, you can touch the dew in the morning and collect daisies in the empty plots.
Easter and spring come together and we feast both. It is not a coincidence. Rebirth is in the air and it is feted in all ways possible but I prefer the seaside. After all we are a mountainous and island country…
If you want to visit Athens I suggest May and the southern side, across the Saronic Gulf. Hotels of all kinds – medium and extremely expensive – restaurants of all types (the fish is exorbitant unless you chose ouzeris – a mezedes oriented ouzo serving bistrot type food shop – and have small fish which are actually the freshest any way!
Stay in Palaio Faliro or around that area, use the tram and visit all the main sights without hassle during the day and spend your evening strolling by the seaside, rubbing shoulders with the locals, eating roasted corn cobs or souvlakis. Don’t forget to go to an open air cinema if they are open, an unforgettable experience.