According to a report presented in “NEA” newspaper the new legislation submitted by the Ministry of Labour will include a clause which reduces to 50 from 100 the working days coupons necessary for a worker or unemployed person to receive free health services in 2011.
This development paves the way for a positive prospective for all the working and unemployed people in Greece. At a time of increasing unemployment, when the working people live in constant insecurity it is very important to know that they and their families are covered health wise with as little as 50 days work.
One more proof that collective struggles pay off and that immigrants and local workers should work hand in hand because they share common interests. This small but significant victory nulls the efforts to “divide and rule” of the government, the mainstream media and the extreme right arguments.
The common struggles of Greek and immigrant workers will continue. At the same time, the greek working people should remain alert that this legislation passes and is implemented.