Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, Defence Minister of Greece, gave an interview to the daily TA NEA, one of the oldest and with the largest country wide circulation newspapers. The interview can be found in Mr. Venizelos

Among other things he states: “As we have repeatedly said Greece is not participating in the military operations that take place outside the NATO framework”.

When the reporter asked him what would be the Greek participation if, at a second phase, NATO does become involved Mr. Venizelos stated: “Greece respects its obligations as a country member of NATO and the EU and has stated its readiness to take part in the two operations NATO is preparing in order to implement the decision of the Security Council. The one has to do with the arms embargo and the other with the no flight zone over Libya. For these two operations Greece will provide its infrastructure, that means the base in Souda and the complementary airports of Action and Andravida, the frigate which is already sailing in the area between Crete and Libya…”

The interview ended with a reiteration of the Greek Prime Minister’s position for a diplomatic initiative and a peaceful solution.