25 years after Chernobyl we are reminded, by nature this time, that there is no safe nuclear energy. Besides the unceasing, dormant but very real danger of nuclear waste which is dumped mainly in the developing world we are forced to face the reality that nuclear plants cannot be totally safe.

We knew the human factor element that can cause accidents, in Japan we saw a natural disaster trigger off a nuclear accident. The reaction of European countries which rely on nuclear energy to close -even for three months- the older of their nuclear plants adds to the arguments against nuclear energy and for renewable forms of energy.

Greece is unfortunately situated too close to Bulgaria and the admittedly outdated Kozlodui plant but also to Turkey whose plans for a nuclear plant in Akkuyu, an earthquake prone area, are opposed by the Turkish ecologists as well.

It is time to press for more research on renewable forms of energy. The anti nuclear movement is strong and can become stronger by cooperating with scientists looking for new and renewable energy sources.