An important international Conference is taking place in Athens from Thursday to Saturday (10-12 May 2011). The title is :

“PUBLIC DEBT AND AUSTERITY POLICIES IN EUROPE -THE RESPONSE OF THE EUROPEAN LEFT” and you can watch it on line in English or Greek. Visit and you will find the link. It is better viewed on Firefox, could not get on Internet Explorer.

Organised by the European Left Party and the TRANSFORM! Network it aims to provide answers for an exit from the current economic crisis. Among the speakers prominent left wing politicians from all over Europe, unionists, representatives of the new movements, youth organizations, European Parliament members present their thoughts and proposals about the public debt and the austerity policies  applied in the majority of European countries. f

The Saturday programme is as follows:


Resistances by the European Trade-Unions and Movements

Coordinator: Yiannis Bournous, Member of the CPC of Synaspismos, Member of the EL Executive Board – Greece

Nasos Iliopoulos, Secretary of the Central Council of the Youth of Synaspismos – Greece

Alekos Kalivis, Trade-Unionist, Former Alternate President of GSEE – Greece

Jean Paul Lainé, Trade-Unionist – France

Alexandra Strickner, Economist, ATTAC- Austria

Patrick Waine, Representative of the Socialist Party of Ireland – Ireland


Debt Crisis and Austerity Policies in the European Countries

Coordinator: Natasa Theodorakopoulou, Economist, Member of the Executive Secretariat of the CPC of Synaspismos, Member of the Secretariat of the EL Executive Board

Tamás Morva, Economist, Member of the Secretariat of the Hungarian Workers Party 2006 – Hungary

Marianna Mortagua, Economist, Bloco de Esquerda– Portugal

Javier Navasques, Professor at the University of Sevilla, Secretary of the Committee of Financial Affairs of the Communist Party of Spain – Spain

Representative of Sinn Fein, Ireland (tbc)


For a Progressive Exit from the Crisis (I)

Coordinator: Gabriel Sakellaridis, Economist, Member of the CPC of Synaspismos, Member of the Board of NPI – Greece

Elisabeth Gauthier, Director of Espaces Marx, Member of the Managing Board of Transform! Europe network – France

Nicos Houndis, MEP of SYRIZA and GUE/NGL – Greece

Eric Toussaint, President of the Committee for the Annulment of the Debt of the Countries of the Third World (CADTM) – Belgium

Michalis Tremopoulos, MEP of the Ecologists-Greens, European Greens – Greece


For a Progressive Exit from the Crisis (II)

Coordinator: Ruurik Holm, Transform! Coordinator  of Left Forum – Finland

Elmar Altvater, Political Scientist, Member of ATTAC Germany

Kunibert Raffer, Associate Professor at the Dep.of Economics, University of Vienna

Yianis Varoufakis, Economist, Professor at the University of Athens – Greece

Kostas Vergopoulos, Economist, Professor at the University Paris VIII – Greece


Public Event

Coordinator: Haris Golemis, Director of the NPI, Member of the Board of Transform! Europe- Greece


EL Initiative for a European Development and Solidarity Fund

Francis Wurtz, Former President of GUE/NGL– France

20.15 – 22.00

Exit Strategies from the Crisis. The Proposals of the European Left

Pierre Laurent, National Secretary of the French Communist Party, President of the EL – France

Oskar Lafontaine, Former Minister of Finance, Former co-President of DIE LINKE – Germany

Alexis Tsipras, President of Synaspismos, Vice President of the EL – Greece