Nothing is ever easy in the country that gave birth to tragedy. After all we have a reputation to live up to.

Local government elections took place yesterday- November 7 2010- but some of the largest municipalities and regions are still undecided so there is another round next Sunday. In order for a Mayor to be elected on the first Sunday he/she has to get 50% plus one vote.  The first round winners are a minority which means that next week most people will be voting again.

The unanimous decision on television panels is that the winner of this round was abstention followed by the Communist Party of Greece.  Disillusioned voters and great, sunny weather on a Sunday are not a good advocate to give up an outing to go to the polls. On the other hand, the Communist Party was the only party which went to the polls without any allies, presenting its own candidates and all its lists under the same name “Laiki sispirosi” – the people’s alliance. This, together with the fact that since it’s never been in government it cannot be blamed for the present disastrous position of the country, led to its increasing its vote considerably all over the country.

The political leaders claimed that a. they retained the larger part of their power, b. their party managed to close the gap between the first party and itself, c. the other parties do not see the “message” the voters meant to send!

In reality the central government refuses to give the local government authorities, both municipal and regional, the necessary funds to carry out the tasks that are supposed to be theirs.