Apostolos Gletsos, tv heartbeat ten years ago, communist party candidate for mayor in his native town Stylida ( center of Greece) more than once, was elected as an independent at the recent elections.

He made headlines last week for opening up the tolls outside Stylis with the municipality’s graders. His explanation was that the company constructing the highway and also collecting the tolls had erected metal bars  in the side streets outside the town of Stylis to prevent drivers from avoiding the tolls but at the same time cutting off local farmers from their livelihood. According to the citizens of Stylis they often had to pay twice a day to go to their fields!

The mayor’s actions were supported by his voters but also by the opposition in the municipality while the nation wide committee against tolls issued a statement justifying his actions. He has been released but is not yet clear whether he will be prosecuted or not.

Are Mayors – those elected without political parties’

Gletsos in action

support- our hope for the future?