The second round of the local authorities was held on 14 November 2010 and had two big surprises: Athens municipality was won by the PASOK and Democratic Left candidate Mr. Kaminis. The surprise is that the New Democracy had the government of the metropolis for more than twenty years. While there is an area in central Athens where there are grave incidents against the immigant population and where the neonazis got a majority the rest of the population showed a remarkable maturity.

In Thessaloniki a 75 year old ear wearing wine maker was elected despite the pronounced disapproval of the local Bishop Anthimos (well known for his nationalist views ). Mr. Boutaris is also a chain smoker, which makes him a kind of a hero at the present time.

Unfortunately the big winner was abstention!! For the first time abstention reached a 60% level and caused concern.

Politics and politicians are looked down upon as no more than common frauds ( I am being polite here) and the electorate has lost all trust in them.